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who are we

 Think of The Greenwood Gallery as the glue between you and black culture through art and technology. One of the most important components of the gallery, is to build bridges and provide the opportunities and exposure black and brown artists are needing globally. The Greenwood Gallery is owned by Queen Alexander, a descendant of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK where the gallery was birthed in 2021 in the historical Greenwood District. The gallery has since transitioned from being the only gallery in the state of Oklahoma that represented black and brown artists in a traditional brick-and-mortar gallery setting, to now providing a more global and interactive (live, virtual and digital) experience.

what we do

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All of our art is original!

our passion

When you are exposed  to stories, techniques and processes that are beyond your day-to-day; it helps grow you.  Through the historic literature in the articulated perspective in which the stories are told, the artists, their journeys and their techniques will empower and reignite you. Certain dialog will inspire people to no longer feel sympathetic but resonate with deeper reverence and move toward action oriented intentions.

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owner & curator

Our art is intentionally curated to create conversations about the where, the when, the how and the why. The stories attached to our communities of the past are the stories that will inspire our communities of today. We just have to be the ones telling our stories.


Queen Alexander originally from Grand Prairie, TX opened The Greenwood Gallery to provide a space for black and brown artists in Tulsa and surrounding cities to exhibit their art sometimes for the very first time.As the youngest entrepreneur on Black Wall Street just like her great great grandfather was back in the 1920's, nearly 100 years later Queen opened the gallery to help provide a space to help aid in the process of rebuilding a sense of community for North Tulsa while providing a platform for artists.

The gallery has recently transitioned from a traditional brick and mortar gallery to now providing our artists a more global stage through traveling exhibitions, brand collaborations, marketing, commissions and more.

"As an artist that owned an art gallery in the historical Black Wall Street I was exposed to the harsh reality of what it looks like when others curate our history and profit from our legacies. Being a descendant, I would spend a lot of time sharing and teaching the history of Greenwood that I was exposed to as a child.  After discovering various harsh realities I took it upon myself to collaborate with artists and historians to share our stories that are being hidden in our communities or shared by others in a way that continue to perpetuate a mentality of shame."

- Sequena "Queen" Alexander

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