My name is Sequena "Queen" Alexander, I am the owner of The Greenwood Gallery.

I'm from Grand Prairie, TX. I graduated with a merchandising degree from Wade College in Dallas.  I've been an artist my whole life, and was creating art and selling it at the Black Wall Street Gallery prior to me moving here.  My family is from Tulsa, my grandmother owned several beauty stores and grandfather's owned clubs and the Oklahoma Eagle. I was always drawn to moving here which I believe has everything to do with my ancestors.  My mother passed 9 years ago from Leukemia but she was an artist and a gamer.  When I moved to Tulsa I felt like I found a tribe and fell in love with the artistic community in Tulsa. There is trauma here and healing that needs to be had within the community. 

I want the gallery to be the glue the community needs in connecting like minds together while also helping transplants connect with a tribe also. I was blessed to work at the gallery and create events for the community that have made an impact.  When I was informed the gallery was possibly going to close, I was approached by people in the community that loved what I was doing and wanted to help me open my own gallery which is why I'm able to still be in Tulsa curating dope exhibits and events. 

Our Story

Greenwood is a historic and beautiful community. We honor the past and look toward the future with the tools of art and creativity. We are incredibly excited to be in the community and growing with the people of Tulsa. We look forward to displaying local artwork, creating events, and celebrating our city.