Featured Artist 

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Gabriela Castaneda

My name is Gabriela Castañeda, I am a Tulsa based photographer originally from East Los Angeles, CA.I enjoy capturing lifes moments candidly. I enjoy photographing the world around me as I see it. Black and white prints are my favorite. To me it captures the essence and beauty of life. 


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Serae Avance

Photography is the portal to how my brain communicates life visually. Ever since mental health became an important element in my life, I have asked myself "How can I live a better life and remain at peace with the blues?" Presenting color psychology, light and harmony through the world of photography are my creative practices. By blending a multitude of elements to produce many forms of harmony are my experiments for socially conscious connections. I have been able to not only conduct these perspectives through photography, but through community events, where I am bridging artistic gaps and empowering others. Being a part of my local community drives my innovative spirit and empowers my artistic abilities, all while evolving individual artistry. 



Thomas E. Lockhart

Thomas Elias Lockhart III, is an International selling artist from Denver, 

Colorado. He has a graphic design background, but fine art has always been his passion. Thomas is a self taught artist that is very diverse in his style and mediums. His love for art and color contribute 

immensely in his imagery. He loves working in many different styles and mediums. He is always growing, studying and continues to enhance his art abilities.

Thomas also loves working with kids in developing their creativity. 

It is Thomas’ desire that his art work and design will inspire, encourage and compel others to think, follow their dreams and enjoy the many beauties of life that are often hidden in the world of art.

Thomas is inspired by artist like El Salvador Dali, Thomas Kinkade, Paul 

Goodnight, George Hunt and Zoaming Wu to name a few.

art for sale.

"AMAZING GRACE" Original Mixed Media on Gallery wrapped Canvas, Image Size: 30x40 inches Price: $4,000.00 Image info: I created this image to show the struggles of American Black History. The pain and the power of a people, that have come to capture their true potential. Also to understand their true equality and equity in the World. A Heartbroken past, that is making way to a beautiful future.

"THE OVERFLOW" Embellished Mixed Media on Archival Canvas, Image Size: 36x48 inches Price: $1,600.00 Image info: The overflow, is the vast knowledge of the mind. The continuation of the waterfall represents the creativity that is generated through the thought process. The shining of the sun represents the glow of the imagination that is ever growing and is an all consuming power for generations amazing people.

"THE MOTHERSHIP" Embellished Mixed Media on Archival Canvas, Image Size: 30x40 inches. Price: $1,800.00 Image info: The Mothership symbolizes the many travels that the slaves took through the middle passage. Across treacherous waters of the Atlantic to the Americas, various islands and the world. We were a very valuable commodity that was treated less than human. In the water you will find the money dating back to the 1800's, where there were still splits in our country

"THE GREAT BACKFIRE" Original mixed media on gallery wrapped Canvas, Image Size: 36x36 inches. Price: $4000.00 Image info: Hand in hand this effects us all. The upper elite, the police on the beat, the guns, the drugs and needles at our feet, the gangs, the hate, the financial break. Make no mistake a disastrous fate, but wait! Aren't we all Hue-mans? Different hues, life and death, you can choose.

"PASSING GENERATIONS" Original mixed media on gallery wrapped Canvas, Image Size: 42x32 inches. Price: $4,600.00 Image info: our life in America, our life in the motherland, the weeks and months at sea, the water and fire brought us free, the whips that slice, the breaking of chains, marching signs of change, from no votes in a state of emergency, to the crossing over into the presidency.

"WE COME FOR OUR CHECK" Original mixed media on gallery wrapped Canvas, Image Size: 36x48 inches. Price: $5,800.00 Image info: this image was created and inspired by, one of Martin Luther King‘s last speeches that he made before he was assassinated. In the speech he talked about the mini adversities and trials that the Negro had gone through for many centuries. He also explained that there were many roadblocks that were purposely set in our path.

Additional Pieces

Jimi Hendrix Collection Original $1500

Michael Jackson Collection Original $1500

Richard Pryor Collection Original $1500